Junior Field Engineer

  • Job Type: Contract
  • Location: Europe - Belgium - Zaventem Belgium Zaventem Europe
  • Date Posted: marzo 11, 2022
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    FPG are recruiting for multiple Junior Field Engineers to join an international telecommunications company to support their field services for their customers (leading operators in Belgium). These are great 6-12 month extendable contract opportunities for any Field Engineers / Field Technicians with some telecom experience within 2G, 3G, LTE, 5G and some working at heights that is looking to kickstart a long-term career in telecoms.

    *Sponsorship cannot be provided so candidates must have valid rights to work in Belgium*

    Junior Field Technician shall work within client Field Service Organization Belgium, having the central office located in Zaventem, dedicated to deliver operation services to mobile networks.

    Working Time is assumed to be approx. 40 hours per week.

    The requested service area is mainly in the province of the home location and from time to time in the neighbour provinces Junior Field Technician operates mostly in autonomy at the Mobile Network, driving a car from site to site where the works need to be executed, picking up spare parts at the depots and from time to time going to the client offices. In other cases, the Junior Field Technician works together with other Field Technicians to perform activities at height in towers or masts. Therefor proper climbing equipment and certification are needed. The assignment of daily work is provided by a Work Order received through an application of Work Force Management that is to be installed on individual smartphone. Some administration activities might be requested, like admin related spare part ordering, data base filling and reporting of works completed.

    The Junior Field Technician shall be responsible for operating in safely and eco-care modei and
    shall work with telecommunication and facilities/auxiliary equipment installed in 2G, 3G, LTE and
    5G base station sites.

    The activities include:
    • Receiving, handling and solving Work Orders for Radio Sites. Visiting the radio site within the required lead-time based on the Work Order assigned, execute the work as specified in the Work Order, updating the Work Order with the required information and close to Work Order accordingly.
    • Executing the assigned tasks, solve the issues at the site, restoring the service within the shortest lead-time.
    • Working closely with Organization (NOCs, Dispatching Teams and Service Desk), resolving the issues at the sites in an efficient manner or, if applicable, trigger the appropriate actions with other stakeholders in order to complete the tasks.
    • Asking for remote support for technical support or for unknown equipment / procedures (generally all those related to telecommunication installations).
    • Performing and reporting check routines for preventive maintenance (by using company Apps),
    • Interacting with landlord and/or authorities to access the site, etc.
    • Depending on the readiness of the engineer, the engineer will be integrated in the On Call schedule based in a rota weekly schedule (Mon-Mon). During this week On Call, the engineer shall be ready to perform urgent interventions 24h and the engineer will be freed from work during the daytime
    • Activities can also include interventions at height requiring climbing on towers and masts, or to operate in location like borders of roofs where antennas and telecommunication equipment are installed on poles. Specifically, for such works the Junior Field Technician must operate jointly with another technician and he must have the necessary skills, climbing gear and tools and shall possess the needed certification.

    The activities related to standard electrical equipment are supposed to be safely performed
    without specific training and support by company and according to required certificates.
    Skills and certifications requirements for Junior Field Technician are:

    • Good knowledge of electricity and capable to work safely on 48V DC and 230V/400V AC installations in a safe manner and shall pass BA5 exams
    • Candidate shall have experience to work at hights. Candidate shall possess certification for operating at highness and climbing (GOF4).
    • Good understanding of Health and Safety at Work and First Aid knowledge.
    • Basic knowledge about Ethernet and Fiber connectivity equipment and IP connection / configuration.
    • Basic skills to solve small fixing of mechanical elements (like a locker, a fence, a tray, screws / bolts and nuts, etc.)
    • Sufficient understanding of legal regulations, company policy and procedures, specifically the access procedure for Mobile Service Sites in scope.
    • Advanced / mother-tongue (at least B2 equivalent to CEFRii) in Dutch or French speaking, reading and writing. Ability shall be verified during interview. An international certificate can be eventually requested.
    • Intermediate (at least B1 in CEFR) in English speaking, reading and writing. Ability shall be verified during interview. An international certificate can be eventually requested.
    • Possessing Elia AVIL/AVIP certification is an advantage or shall be obtained the first weeks starting on the job.
    • Army clearance (Astrid) is an advantage. If not available, candidate shall be willing to acquire this certification as soon as being onboarded to the comany based on “document of good conduct and morals” (certificat de bonne vie et moeurs) obtainable the city hall.
    • Driving license cat B.
    • Being service focused with problem solving attitude and result orientation.

    Equipment needed:
    • A smartphone dual USIM multi standard up to 5G (2G/3G/4G/5G) with recent version of
    • Android installed, active limitless data subscription and GPS; it shall have free RAM for installation of company applications (approx. 5 GB), be capable to take HD pictures and to be used to uploading those on IP network.
    • Full set of climbing gear approved by a certification body and in validity; to be verified or replaced according to local regulations. Such equipment is necessary after GOF4 certification.
    • Craftsman toolset to solve electrical and mechanical issues at the spot, (including a drilling machine, etc. to be able to repair locks).
    • Full time availability of a vehicle with loading space of >2 m3 compliant to any law and local regulations (including winter tires)
    • Client will provide PC/laptop with the necessary SW
    • Client will provide the necessary Apps on the phone to handle the assigned Work Orders